Contributing to Drupal

Drupal 7.0 is supposed to come out in a few hours, and Greg Knaddison has come out with his final 7.0 patch contributor statistics. I (jhodgdon) feel honored to be listed there as the #6 contributor of patches. Of course, there's a bit of meaninglessness in those statistics, since it's just counting the sheer number of patches, not the value of the patches -- I wrote and reviewed a lot of fairly small patches, mostly fixing the Drupal in-code documentation that is used to build the Drupal API reference site. But there are definitely a few meaty code patches buried in my statistics too, and in any case, I am proud of my contributions to improving the API reference documentation.

It's unfortunate that those statistics can't measure other important contributions to Drupal, such as writing and revising the on-line documentation, maintaining key contributed modules we all use to build Drupal sites, keeping the family of * sites up and running, and maintaining infrastructure modules used by Drupal contributors (API, Project et al, Coder, etc.). So I'd like to recognize those people as important contributors to Drupal 7 as well.

I also wanted to take a moment to suggest that everyone who uses Drupal consider contributing. The Contribute to Drupal section of lists 9 different ways that you can contribute -- as an open-source project, Drupal can use anyone's time and skills (or if those are lacking: money). As the Documentation Team co-leader, of course I think that contributing to Documentation is a great way to start out -- even if you can't write all that well in English, you can still do documentation reviews, or any number of other tasks.

I've also started on a personal resolution/campaign to review at least one Drupal patch a day in 2011, and write at least one Drupal patch a day. Both patch writing and patch reviewing are needed, which is why I decided to resolve to do both... So far, it's the 4th of January, and I've managed to keep on track for 4 days -- anyone care to join me?